The date is 7 of August and I was going to the office for my regular job. Thinking about her and hoping that I will see her somewhere in the road. And I happens but there came a major problem and this date become the hell day or lets say one of the black day of my life.

I woke up on 7 in the morning and just after waking up, I shut my alarm down and went to bathroom to become fresh. Ya but before, as my daily routine, I have her wallpaper on my mobile screen and I watch her photo and say Good Morning to her, remembered to the Mata Pathavara and pick up my tooth brush and start to brush my teeth.

After that I clean my room, and my bed and start my daily routine, cooking lunch. This day, I totally forgot to have breakfast. I pack my lunch on my Lunch box and than I remember, I don’t have my bag to carry that lunch box. I thought that I will carry it on my hand. Thinking so, I pick my mobile up, and my lunch box and lock my room. At about 9 am, I start my journey to my office and start my own world wit her on my mind.

I have to walk for about 1 km to reach to my office from the chowk , the tempo leave me and I start my walk to my office. Carrying a lunch box on my one hand and umbrella on my second hand, I was walking with her memory. But suddenly, after walking about 600 m I saw a girl, sorry I didn’t see her face but just her eye.

That was my Love. It was just a shit kinda moment. I was on my won world and I just saw her eye for just about 1 second and thinks that isn’t she her. But till than I was already passed her and I stop and look back. I saw her doing the same. She was also thinks that isn’t he Prashant and I was like Oh is that Her. Than I start my walk. After reaching the office, I took my phone from my pocket and tan I got surprised that she called me because she was that girl.

Shit….. The dream comes true but in such a way that I cannot even imagine of.

I called her because I got a very good chance to speak with her. I talked with her for about 2 minute and I came to know that she ws going to her home for some family function. I told her to meet me after she came back to Doon.

15 August might be the most precious day to all the Indian but neither I am Indian nor I do understand the value of Independence. But I am trying to be one who understand. Plus 15 August is the memorial day for all Indian and 18 August is my memorial day. Because, that is the day I saw her first and …(You got the point).

Today I just wanna say that I love You much more in the world that no one dare to love anyone like I do love you.

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Akansha · 8th August 2018 at 10:06 am

The people you love, the one you let inside your lives are the ones that shape your life, bro.. don’t worry she vl definately meet u one day.. Stay blessed..!!

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